A basic shirt starts out
as 5 pieces of white fabric.
Front, back, right sleeve,
left sleeve and collar.


Using a large size shirt for example,
let’s use one photo on the front.
The fabric for the front is 35×24 inches.
That will be 7000×5000 pixels at 200PPI.
3500×2400 at 100PPI.
We can scale the image up since an average
smartphone shoots at 4000×3000.

Shirts look BEST at 200PPI, good at 100PPI.
*Please note that PPI (pixels per inch)
and DPI (dots per inch) are used interchangeably. But in Photoshop it’s PPI.



We place the image on the front.

For the sleeves we use part of the smoke.
If you try to stretch the front image to cover the sleeves
 it will crop too much off the image.
Also it’s extremely time consuming to line up sleeves in sewing.
So sleeves are usually a solid color or another segment of the front.
Please make sure to read the last section at the bottom!



The final will look something like this.
With abstract images you might not notice breaks in the sewing at the sleeves.
We used an accent color for the collar.

For a repeating object the pixel size is much smaller.
Let’s say we want the object that repeats to be 3 inches.
So that means 3x3inches at 200PPI = 600×600 pixels
3×3 at 100PPI is only 300×300 pixels.



We repeat the dog over and over.
We set the background to a solid color or another image
like this floral design.

Design the sleeves and here’s the final as a button up shirt.



Image will have visible breaks in the sewn areas
at the sleeves, button up panel, collar and any pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the products made?

All products are made to order in our Bangkok, Thailand studio.

Where is the fabric material and where is it from?

We use a super soft Ultra polyester fabric made here in Thailand.

Will the printing fade or wash away?

No, the printing is permanently dyed into the fabric and colors will last wash after wash.

How is the sizing?

Our sizes follow standard USA sizes, make sure to check our sizes especially the chest size around, if in doubt or want oversized go a size bigger than normal.

Do you have women’s sizes
Yes we do
What file types and sizes do you need?

Its best to send us a file that is 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels for the back. This will print around 10 inches on the back and 4 inches on the heart. PNG files with transparent background is best or vector files.

How do I send my files?

After you order you will see a link to attach files or share links to Dropbox or Google drive. You can also go to our contact page to access the form